Brother's Regime MC

Founded 1971

The Brother's Regime Motorcycle Club has been around for a long time.
We Ride Hard. We Party Hard. We Live Life on our Own Terms.
Our Fierce Commitment to Family sets us apart from the rest of the biker community.
Brotherhood is a way of life.
A life of dedication and commitment to all Brothers.
Motorcycles are a passion.
The thrill of being in the wind and the inherent danger of flying down the road,
shoulder to shoulder with a Brother you love and trust,
builds a bond that can't be put into words.
But, you can see it in a Brother's eyes and you can feel it in a Brother's presence.

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Pictures from Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 are posted on the Pictures Page.

Please check out the link below.
This is an awesome thing these people do.
These are Before and After pictures of "Pumkin" a cat that was rescued from horrible conditions.

Noah's Lost Ark

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